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About SUCE

The SUCE (Suitability Coverage Engine) web portal is a prototype developed in an 18-months project funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) which started in February 2015.
The project consortium was formed by two companies, GISAT and TERRASIGNA, with great experience in the Copernicus (GMES) service projects, and the technology development projects that address the architecture and PDGS (Payload Data Ground Segment) interfaces to access ESA and third party missions EO products.

The principal objective of the SUCE project was to define a concept, architecture and provide a prototype permitting to effectively select and download EO products from identified PDGS on the basis of advanced user criteria and analytic needs.
Thus the application allows the selection of the optimal EO image product sets suitable for the defined user activities, as for instance European Copernicus (GMES) mapping and monitoring tasks, avoiding both manual filtering and transfer of useless data.

The SUCE portal allows the user to perform a search for valid pixel data (cloud free) based on its metadata. User sets basic search criteria (e.g. Basemap, Area of interest (AOI), Satellite data, Time period) and advanced search criteria and obtains results for four different scenarios (see Use Cases tab for individual scenario results).

Temporal coverage
For a selected AOI, sensor and time period SUCE returns a valid pixel map where number of valid pixels per pixel is displayed by different colours. Pixels with no valid pixel data (e.g. constant cloud) are transparent. 

Spatial coverage
For a selected AOI, sensor and time period SUCE is able to obtain all available valid data and mosaic them into one Optimal Composition.